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Autumn morning. by lica20


Dreamy mood combines here with elusive melancholy feeling. Fantastic moment You chose for shooting and You captured well all the vibrations. The mist adds a bit of eatherealness to this wonderful scenery and warm tones You used here emphasise not yet quite real morning atmosphere.

The only thing that seems not quite defined is the composition. You placed the horizon exactly in the middle of the frame, like You were indecisive what to show: that amazing sky with delicate clouds or those even more amazing hills bathed in gloom of sunrise. You had a great idea of first set: the fence were in the right place, but in frame like Yours it seems a bit distractive - why not to show a bit more of it, so that it would make some strong, "introductory" element?

Altough I won't be this much unfair ;) There is one actually amazing part of the composition: The Tree. Everyone knows which of many trees here I am talking about: that one illuminated from behind with refreshing light of rising sun. The Tree captures the viewer's attention. I would say more: it's the Tree that made me notice this seemingly common landcsape shot.

No, this photo isn't common, it's quite remarkable among all these overedited shots here on deviantART and it's truly worth attention.

Great work You've done here! Thank You for this inspiring view! :clap:
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